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Commodity Outlook 2022- 5 Circles

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Gold Outlook 2022



We believe gold prices to be in a range-bound situation for the year 2022. The key trigger for the move will be the increasing Inflation rate due to easy monetary policy.

Silver Outlook 2022



We are bullish on silver and will apply the strategy of 'buy on dips'. We believe strong EV demand and industrial usage will support silver prices

Crude Oil Outlook 2022

Chart-1 -Short Term

Chart-2 -Medium Term

Chart-3 - Long Term

Chart-4 -Long Term

Explainer Video-

We remain bullish on Crude till $90-$100/ barrel but the spread of coronavirus remains a key concern for crude prices.

Aluminium Outlook 2022

Chart-1 Short Term



We can clearly see that there is a perfect support working in linear chart and a perfect support turning into resistance (change of polarity) on Log chart.


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