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Elections to drive Nifty Media?

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Elections is an important event for stock market and it drives many sectors. One such sector that can be driven by elections is Nifty Media.

Media sector combines both print and digital media. Both the medium plays a vital role during the time of election by every party for promoting their ideas and future plans for the states.

The assembly election voting schedule can be seen in the below image-

There are many stocks in nifty media that looks lucrative at current levels but some of the nifty media stocks that we think may perform well in near future are-


sun tv technical analysis


jagran prakashan technical analysis


PVR technical analysis

We can clearly see well-defined support and resistance levels on the charts and all these above-mentioned stocks seems to be very near to their support levels.


**Disclaimer- We are not SEBI registered so all our views are from an educational perspective. We are not giving any buy or sell recommendations.





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