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Udemy Options Trading 


Udemy Options Trading 

Options trading enables us to purchase or sell stocks, ETFs, and other securities at a set price and on a certain date. This method of trading also allows purchasers the option of not purchasing the securities at the stated price or on the given date.

Udemy Options Trading are a little more complicated than stock trading, but they may help one to generate more gains. When you acquire an option, you get the opportunity but not the obligation to exchange the underlying asset.

A call option offers you the right to purchase underlying securities at a specific price within a specified time frame.

A put option, rather than giving you the choice to acquire an underlying asset, provides you the option to market it at a certain price.


When you buy a call, you're purchasing a contract to acquire a specific stock or asset by a specific date, similarly, when you acquire a put, you're purchasing a contract that offers you the opportunity to sell securities at a specific price by specific expiration date.

Udemy Options Trading 

Option Trading Strategies are broadly classified into three major categories

  1. Bullish 

  2. Bearish

  3. Neutral 

  4. Others


The Bullish Strategies include Buy Call, Sell Put, Bull Call Put, and Bull Put Spread and Bearish Strategies include Buy Put, Sell Call, Bear Call Spread, Bear Put Spread, and Put Ratio Back Spread.


Udemy Options Trading​ is a vast subject consisting of Various topics. A lot of courses are available on the internet regarding this subject. Udemy offers courses at a very affordable price, we are listing some of the Courses available on Udemy.

Options Trading for Rookies: Understand Options Completely 

A course of 90 mins by Kal Zurn

  • One of the best-sellers with a 4.7 Rating.

  • Anyone who is interested in options trading, as well as someone looking to learn about how to use option techniques to trade the market efficiently and profitably, is can opt for this course.

Options Trading Basics Bundle ( 3 Course Bundle )

A course of about 11 hours by Hari Swaminathan

  • One of the best-sellers with a 4.5 Rating.

  • A bundle combines 1)Intro to Call and Put Options 2) Time decay, Implied Volatility, Greeks 3) Call and Puts Live trades

  • For novices, this is a package offer that covers all of the essentials of Options.

The Complete Options Trading Course

A course of about 9 hours by Wealthy Education

  • One of the best-sellers with a 4.3 Rating.

  • Profitable Options Trading Strategies For Trading Stock Options, Binary Options, Call & Put Using Technical Analysis.

Options Trading for Rookies: Complete Guide to Stock Options

A course of about 3 hours by Kal Zurn

  • One of the best-sellers with a 4.9 Rating.

  • Learn basic and advanced option trading strategies in one course, including covered calls, naked puts & iron condors.

  • An ideal course for anyone who wants to improve their stock market success rate.

How to Trade Stock Options: Profiting in Up and Down Markets

A course of about 31 hours by Travis Wilkerson.

One of the best-sellers with a 4.2 Rating.

  • This course contains a proven options blueprint for an accelerated path to wealth.

  • This is an old course with no longer support from the teacher.

What is Options Trading?

Udemy Options Trading is the specific type of trading that helps you buy stocks, etfs, etc and later on sell them at a particular time within a specific date.  This method of investing also allows purchasers the option of not purchasing the securities at a particular price or timeframe.

Although options trading is more complicated than stock trading, it lets you generate significantly higher returns if the value of the investment rises. This is why, with an options agreement, investors would not need to spend the whole amount for the assurance. Similarly, options trading can limit your loss if indeed the value of the security falls. This is termed hedging.

The right to purchase a security is defined as a "call," whereas the right to sell is actually known as a "put."

They can be used as follows:

Leverage: Udemy Options Trading allows you to benefit from fluctuations in stock values without having to pay the whole stock value. You acquire ownership of the stocks without actually purchasing anything.


Hedging: They could also be employed to safeguard oneself against market volatility by allowing you to purchase or trade stocks at a price that was set before value for a particular time frame. Financial preparation is an important aspect of insuring yourself against market swings. Here's an explanation of what personal finance is and why it's vital.

Despite its benefits, options trading is more complicated than investing in conventional stocks. To defend against loss, you must be well-versed in investment and financial strategies as well as keep a close eye on market volatility.

Discover how to trade options in easy steps

Your investing goals must be provided. Earnings, expansion, protection of assets, and speculating are common examples.

Trading expertise

The brokerage will be interested in your investment expertise, how often you've spent trading shares or options, how many deals you do annually, as well as the amount of the transactions.

Personal financial information

Maintain a record of your accessible combined wealth (or easily liquidated assets), yearly pay, cumulative estimated wealth, and career history.

The Udemy Options Trading that you intend to swap For example, calls, puts, and spreads. regardless of whether they are clothed or not. Whereas if an option is taken, the dealer or author is obligated to provide the fundamental equity. The option bet is filled if the writer simultaneously holds the underlying security. The option stance is bare if it has been left unguarded.

The broker normally provides you with a trading activity grade depending on your responses and the degree of danger (typically 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest risk and 5 being the highest).

Here is the best way to make specific options transactions.

1.    Screening should be done in both directions. 
2.    Your most essential trading companion is the brokerage you pick to trade options with. 
3.    Choosing a firm that provides the resources, knowledge, coaching, and assistance you require is     

       extremely critical for beginner options traders.

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